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WHAT OUr Clients Are Saying

“Rich Earl helped me clarify some issues in my life and ministry that needed to be dealt with. I feel his questions uncovered many truths I needed to know.”

- Lloyd in Canada



“In the past, I have just kind of gone from one thing to another, but setting goals through coaching has made it possible for me to measure the progress our church has made, and this is very encouraging.”

- Tim in Palmyra, PA



“I was so blessed by the coaching done by Rich Earl. His leading brought me to ask questions about myself that really helped me see both holes in my leadership and gifting that I didn't realize I had in my possession. It was truly enriching.”

- Tony in Lewisburg, PA



“Rich Earl has helped me take my vision from a dream to reality. Through personal assessments he has guided me in discovering my strengths in which I have found greater confidence and understanding.  Without Rich I would never had realized that I had the answers within me all the time. He carefully asks questions that lead me to greater understanding of the task I am facing.  I would recommend Rich as a coach to anyone looking to improve their lives, work and relationships. Coaching opens your eyes to who you are and empowers you to use that knowledge.“

- Charles in Clearfield, PA



“Rich Earl’s approach to coaching is manifold and impactful. He is delightfully relational, and realistically practical. He possesses an ability to focus on the heart of the leader, and can help his clients sort through what is happening “right now” with an eye on “what has happened” and “what comes next”. Rich uses tried and true methods to develop leadership schema and apply ideas and concepts for those who seek to grow as a leader. I have made huge progress in my development through his conversational and inclusionary style.  I’ve never felt pressured to have something to say or to have the right answer during our times together. We have shared transparent and emotional moments together, and this is something that is sorely missing among our leadership ranks. When we come together, it is more than just a coaching session:  I get the full on presence and attention of someone who has been around a few more corners...yet treats me as an equal. Rich values calling and experience and uses those as bedrock for developing our relationship. “

- Jason in Bucks County, PA

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Our team has a passion for helping leaders maximize their own effectiveness through goal setting, partnerships, team building and personal growth. Our style is warm and our methods comport with International Coach Federation (ICF) standards of ethics and competency in coaching.


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